Castelli Citizen Chain Jerseys

Castelli Citizen Chain Jerseys

Well our first batch of jerseys were such a success, we have ordered another batch – just in time for Christmas! So for all those cyclists on your gift list, get them something they are sure to use in the coming year. We did change a couple of things. This time, instead of the Team fit, we went for the slightly more liberal Training fit. We also lightened the San Francisco skyline a touch to help it pop. All sizes in stock!

In addition to the jerseys we also reupped on our bib shorts and our arm warmers in all sizes. If that’s all a little too rich for your blood, we also have all of our own shop hats in stock and a bunch of new Chuey Brand hats including some “flappey” models to keep those ears warm this winter. Come on down and grab some hot hotness!

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Citizen Chain shop kits are on their way!

Citizen Chain shop kits are on their way!

Here ye! Here ye!
We are really excited to announce that we have finally pulled the trigger on getting some custom jerseys, bib shorts, arm warmers and caps! They are scheduled to arrive in early April (we are hoping for delivery around the first week) We have a limited number coming in so let us know what sizes you need to be sure you get them! If these are a success, we hope to get more in shortly after.

We realize we could have gotten slightly less expensive kits, but we wanted a quality brand to represent Citizen Chain. We appreciate the quality of the Italian-made Castelli fabrics, that are then printed and assembled in the USA! We also believe that when you ride in nice things, you feel better and you ride better.

We will be getting “Team” Jerseys with full length zippers, “Team” Bib Shorts, Thermoflex Arm Warmers and caps. For more detailed information is available on the Castelli website about these items,follow the Custom Collection link at the top of the page.

If you’re interested in one, please call the shop at (415) 796-2925 or email Sasha and he will send you a virtual packet with all the pertinent information.

Click here for a larger preview of the kit and the accessories.

Citizen Chain Bibshort

Citizen Chain Bibshort

Were getting arm warmers and caps too!

Were getting arm warmers and caps too!

About The Design:
The red scorpion is the Castelli logo. Those must be on there. Other than that, we have an updated Mr. Chain graphic on the back and a new Rosebud was a bike graphic on the arm and the bibshort. A San Francisco skyline with Coit Tower graces the over the left chest as well as on the inside of the brim on the cap. The green accent color of the kit is inspired by the parrots of Telegraph Hill that live nearby and most days can be heard flying over the shop. The parrot graphic is a tribute to the San Francisco flag. The actual flag has a phoenix rising from the flames to commemorate the rebuilding of San Francisco after the great earthquake and subsequent fire in 1906. The banner on the flag displays “Oro en Paz Fierro en Guerra,” which translated from Spanish means “Gold in Peace, Iron in War.” The banner under the parrot on our kit reads “Oro in Pace, Ferro in Giro,” which in Italian means “Gold in Peace, Iron in Bike Race.” The parrot is grasping a chain whip and a pedal wrench in its hands and is holding a rosebud in its beak.

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Mr Chain + Apple = 3

Mr Chain + Apple = <3

It may have been a little bit ago, but yours truly were had a quick feature in Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference last month! It was unexpected and totally awesome. Thank you to the anonymous force behind this shout out! Towards the end of the address, Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior vice president of iOS software, can be seen showing off the new version of the Maps app and he uses our shop to demo how users will find businesses on Maps! Bing! Here’s the video. Check out the 99th minute for our little highlight.
They said they cataloged 100 million businesses and chose us. We feel like we won the lottery! Thank you for all your support!
— The Chain Gang

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Rosebud was a bike and we have the shirts to let them know!

Rosebud was a bike and we have the shirts to let them know!

Thanks to everyone that has supported our little shop! We are proud to announce that our popular shop shirts are back in stock! We have boys and girls shirts in! For now they are still black – but who knows, one day we might even do some colors. Stay tuned for a few more shirt designs coming a little later this year! Email Sasha (like to the right) if you would like one!

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75 years old and not a single grey hair!

75 years old and not a single grey hair!

Our beloved Golden Gate Bridge is turning 75 years old this weekend! (although at the shop we have questions as to when exactly a bridge is born/birthed ie whether it starts at the first concrete pour or upon the opening to traffic). In observance of this grand occasion (and memorial day), the shop will be closed on Sunday the 27th and Monday the 28th. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this might cause. In the meantime, check out this cool photo of the Golden Gate Strait before there was the bridge, as well as some awesome shots of its construction like this and this, this one as well as this one. Enjoy the weekend!

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